Kenapa Warga Palestin Sokong Hamas..

Assalamu ‘alaykum wr wb!


Banyak orang bertanya kenapa orang Palestin menyokong Hamas dan menolak Fatah dan PLO pimpinan Mahmoud Abbas.


Berikut ini suatu jawapan yang diberikan oleh penulis dan peguam Australia, Randa Abdel-Fattah, mengenai perkara tersebut dalam wawancaranya dengan The Nut Graph. Randa Abdel-Fattah, yang berketurunan Palestin dan Mesir, dan kini tinggal di Sydney, ialah seorang novelis yang pernah memenangi anugerah penulisan, menulis tiga novel mengenai golongan belia. Buku terakhir beliau, Where the Streets Had a Name, ialah mengenai dua orang remaja yang tinggal di Baitullaham (Bethlehem), Palestin.

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 Why is there so much support for Hamas, and so little for Fatah, in Gaza and the West Bank? Why do you think Palestinians are opting to support an organisation that many perceive to be Islamist and terrorist in orientation?


I think firstly Palestinians revolted against Fatah because of its internal corruption and seeming complicity with Israel. For example, Israel relies on Palestinians in the West Bank to assist it in rounding up “terrorists”. Secondly, at the very least, Palestinians are opposed to Fatah’s impotence.

I believe that Hamas won [the previous elections] because it was an alternative to the corruption in Fatah. It was perceived to be a better defender of Palestinians.

Hamas also does plenty of social services work. This arm of Hamas has been a huge factor in swaying public opinion from Fatah. Again, it appears to be a more “caring” alternative to a more elitist Fatah.

Most importantly, the more brutal and belligerent the occupation, the more desperate Palestinians are for leaders to stand up in support of their rights and independence. The nature of occupation determines the nature of the resistance. Fatah failed to deliver so Hamas was a welcome, new alternative to try.

I think it is a gross over-simplification to denounce Hamas as a terrorist organisation. As much as we may have problems with its charter, it is a resistance movement. Indeed, any organisation deemed to be a terrorist organisation by the West is usually an organisation resisting tyranny and oppression.

We never question why Israelis support their leaders and parties, both left and right, which are the mouth-pieces of the most reprehensible state-sponsored terrorism. The war on Gaza is the clearest example of a state using terror against a besieged and starved people.

Ultimately, we cannot champion democracy when we refuse to accept democratically-elected governments because we don’t like them. We may disagree and loathe them, as Palestinians do of every democratically-elected “terrorist” Israeli government, but peace will only come when we negotiate with our enemies. This is the true test of democracy. Israel cannot have it both ways.

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